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The realtime platform for cross-border bill payments directly to service & utility providers worldwide! 

qlipay allows migrants in German speaking Europe (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) to pay bills, products and services for their families in back home quickly and safely at low costs.

  • Senders fully control how funds are spent (E.g. Senders can pay hospital bills directly from their phones)
  • A simple, reliable, secure and powerful API for easy integration, that financial instituations use to enable customers to pay any bill worldwide
  • One connection to millions of recipients globally
  • Multiple services with hundreds of millions of payable bills and services


Smobilpay is a digital financial service platform offering value added services to all financial institutions, operators and customers in emerging economies. It is a scalable solution that follows the branchless banking paradigm. It extends the reach of merchants in the market with low fix-costs footprint.

  • We have developed the Smobilpay so that all people anywhere no matter what their geographical location, literacy or income level can conveniently access digital financial services, thus making it truly universal.
  • Smobilpay offers an agent-based electronic voucher (top-up) distribution and bill payment service that is connected to a network of third party collector companies (Banks, microfinance, supermarkets, petrol stations, etc). It enables customers to purchase services and pay for bills at their preferred and trusted agent by building up a vast network of agents across the country (neighbourhood agents)


Mobile Agent Banking System

maviance Mobile Agent Banking System is a complete remote collection solution that uses the flexibility and availability of mobile networks to provide field collectors with a full functionality needed to improve their productivity in the area of microfinance.

  • Customer acquisition and account opening module
  • Loans module and management of customer payment plan
  • Deposit and savings accounts modules
  • Money transfer and bill payment module
  • Optionnal integration of mobile payment solution
  • Task and customer visits management
  • Customer notification by SMS or Email for account transaction or marketing campaign
  • Cash management and treasury support for transparency in cash flows
  • Cost effective implementation of network banking