Our Company

maviance is a digital financial service provider and technology consulting company. We offer value added services as well as industry specific for web and mobile solutions for financial institutions, businesses and governments.

We create sustainable and customized solutions to meet the requirements of customers by combining its industry experience with solution oriented skills of business re-design, concept, project management, programming and testing.

maviance specializes in domestic and cross-border payments, mobile payments/commerce and agent banking services and solutions. Our solutions enable transactions for B2B, B2C, C2B, B2G and G2C


maviance makes the difference by starting at the analysis phase, strategizing with you to model the right solutions to fit your needs.

Together we implement these for long term success. Our ability to define feasible and workable solutions differentiates us from pure strategy consultants. Let our success story speak for itself!

Our Philosophy!

Successful companies smartly combine IT and business. Thus we provide holistic IT solutions using our deep understanding of business processes combined with surgical delivery of IT implementation projects.


Our motivation!

We challenge ourselves to add measurable and demonstrable value for our clients each day. Challenging projects at our clients ignite our creative, problem solving "geist" and our enthusiasm. We understand employ IT for the purpose of the business value it provides and deploy our solutions using this motivation as the key baseline for measuring success.