Maviance sponsors Challenge Camerounais 2013

Maviance is a proud Gold Sponsor of the 2013 Edition of Challenge Camerounais in Berlin. Supporting this unique event in Europe is a part of giving back to the community that supports and holds the fabrics of the Cameroonian Diaspora in Europe in general and Germany in particular. The challenge Camerounais prides itself to be for everyone the perfect event to engage in social and business activities and tighten the links within the communities in a friendly and festive atmosphere. Encouraging entrepreneurship to address some of the continents problems is a value we identify with.

As a successful start-up found as a result of the “alchemy” of a Cameroonian and a German entrepreneur, maviance is the archetype of the spirit of entrepreneurship and cultural diversity extoled by the Challenge Camerounais. Accordingly, it is for maviance the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how intercultural exchanges can bring success in business with positive effects for the people and businesses in Cameroon as well as the diaspora within Germany. Maviance is proud to support this spirit among the diaspora via the Challenge Camerounais.

Maviance also seized the occasion to introduce some of its solutions designed for the Cameroonian market. Among others the bill payment solution Smobilpay™, presented in exclusivity for the Cameroonian diaspora, as well as the Mobile Baking Agent System or the Mobile Metering System.

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Challenge Camerounais is indeed "More than just a Game"!

Challenge Camerounais Gold Sponsor