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ESA is a secure multi-user web-based application that provides functionality to support diplomatic missions like online visa application & processing, citizen registration & communication, payment processing as well as reports & statistics.

It provides tangible benefits at affordable costs to the citizens/visitors as well as the embassy, especially for diplomatic missions supporting multiple countries by targeting core processes that have the highest customer impact.

Key features

Frontend - Customer facing functionality

  • Open and accessible to the public (citizens & visitors)
  • Seamlessly integrated into the embassy’s website
  • Apply for visas online with the possibility of partially saving and application and retrieving it later
  • For diaspora to register with the embassy online
  • Registering emergency contacts of citizens with the diplomatic mission
  • Applying for consular cards online
  • Checking the status of all applications online

Back Office - For embassy staff

  • Security protected web portal that is accessible only to embassy employees via state of the art security
  • Process visa and consular card applications online
  • Track and manage applications for other consular documents (passport, birth, death, celibacy certificates, drivers, filming and other licenses)
  • Manage relationship & communication with diaspora and citizens
  • Report and provide multiple statistics on citizens and applicants

Technical Requirements

  • Web hosting on a dedicated Web Server or third party provider
  • Works on Linux or Windows operating systems
  • PHP 5.2
  • MySQL 4 or above
  • Requires Apache or IIS as web servers to run


  1. Who is using ESA?

    The Kenyan diplomatic mission in Berlin has been using ESA since 2008 to manage its citizens, newsletters and contacts. The Ugandan Embassy in Berlin has been using ESA for visa management, citizen & diaspora managment, document since 2011. The Embassy of the Republich of Ghana in Berlin is using all modules of ESA

  2. Do i need a new infrastructure or hardware to be able to use ESA?

    Diplomatic missions currently having a website do not need any new hardware or infrastructure to run ESA in over 90% of the cases. ESA relies on the commonly available web hosting infrastructure (to run PHP and MySQL) to function

  3. Do i need a new website to be able to use ESA?

    Diplomatic missions currently having a website do not need a new website to run ESA. ESA is designed to integrate into the existing website and relies on the commonly available web hosting infrastructure (to run PHP and MySQL) to function.
    Alternatively, we can securely host ESA for you in a Saas (Software as a Service) model. You only pay monthly fees for the modules you need.

  4. Do I need to replace exisiting processes to be able to use ESA?

    No! ESA is a support tool for existing processes and is not meant to force staff into learning new processes

  5. What languages can ESA support?

    ESA is designed to support multiple languages. It is currently implemented to support English, German, French and Spanish in the front end

  6. Are there any special skills to use the system?

    No! One major design objective of "ease of use" like for yahoo or hotmail was achieved. No additional computer skills are required once the software has been configured and deployed.

  7. How secure is ESA?

    The front end application is open for use to the general public and does not contain critical data The backend is protected with state of the art security: » Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are used for secure connections between browser and server » user names and unique passwords » A fine-grained authorization and permission system limits the access rights of each user only to the areas they are allowed to see » Audit trail functionality tracks the date and modifier for each major change in the system

  8. What is the strategy to secure ESA against data loss?

    ESA has a built in backup and restore functionality to safeguard critical data from unplanned losses. maviance is available to offer support in such situations if requested.