Our Solutions

Smobilpay is a digital financial service platform offering value added services to all financial institutions, operators and customers in emerging economies. It is a scalable solution that follows the branchless banking paradigm. It extends the reach of merchants in the market with low fix-costs footprint.

  • We have developed the Smobilpay so that all people anywhere no matter what their geographical location, literacy or income level can conveniently access digital financial services, thus making it truly universal. 
  • Smobilpay manages real-time payments across multiple channels. The Smobilpay platform makes financial services accessible through:
    • Web browser
    • Smartphone/tablets
    • ATM Machine & Kiosks
    • OEM Integration 
  • Smobilpay offers an agent-based electronic voucher (top-up) distribution and bill payment service that is connected to a network of third party collector companies (Banks, microfinance, supermarkets, petrol stations, etc). It enables customers to purchase services and pay for bills at their preferred and trusted agent by building up a vast network of agents across the country (neighbourhood agents)

key features

  • Scalable & reliable backend: This forms the core of the Smobilpay platform, offering various back-end modules to drive payments. The platform includes features  such as Fee Engine, Commission manager, Limits management, Reporting and various adapters to financial institutions and payment networks.
  • Simple secure and powerful APIs: Opening up the platform via secure APIs that offer encryption to prevent fraud as well as multi factor authentication make it easy to grow an ecosystem of services around the core product. Developers can leverage the open APIs to create and deploy Smobilpay compatible “plugins” easily.
  • §  Enterprise Adapters: Processing payments require connectors to service providers in different industries. With our experience, we have streamlined our interfaces and integration processes by offering adapters that simplify the integration of new merchants. This offers operators cost savings over the lifetime of the product. 
  • Seamless transaction processing: Smobilpay seamlessly processes transactions, settlements and reconciliations while supporting other essential business services such as credit and debit and balances. Additionally it also provides a wide set of client interfaces that sit on top of the payment processing layer.
  • Others:
    • Support for multiple payment options that can be adapted and integrated into the solutions
    • Automated workflows that integrate the bill generation, payment processing and closing with the companies
    • Provides multiple notification options for customer confirmation including SMS, email, messaging apps and mobile printers


  • Low Cost of Adoption: No specific staff training required, free use of Customer Service Portal
  • Low implementation risk:Solution is tested and certifi ed by providers
  • Highly secure solution:Encrypted connectivity between server and device, encrypted, data on mobile devices, VPN connection support
  • Easy integration into any existing system:Offers standardized web services for existing systems like banks and ATMs
  • Support for multiple pricing and business models:Fixed, percentage and  range based service charge
  • Highly scalable and flexible solution: Support for multiple branches, multiple mobile devices, multiple payment and notifi cation options
  • Reliable functionality even with poor internet connectivity: Supports online and offline operation modes and works with low internet connectivity


Smobilpay™ dedicated website: www.smobilpay.cm