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mobile metering system

The Mobile Metering System is a wireless application with a remote server component that uses the flexibility and availability of mobile phone networks to provide field operators with a full functionality to perform meter readings as well as the Head Office with solutions for billing, reporting and management.

Microsite coming soon!

key features of the solution

  • A daily “to-do” list of customers to be processed is available for the field operator
  • Entry of meter readings and verifications to avoid errors. Additional entry of general comments on customer and meter possible.
  • Fraud detection and prevention using statistical comparisons of consumption per household to alert field officers at customer’s site.
  • Billing and invoicing on the client’s premises using a mobile printer. Alternatively, invoicing can be done using SMS billing


  • Increased efficiency in operations
    Less cumbersome manual steps, no double entries, no lost documents, less errors, system validation of input, increased traceability
  • Detection and prevention of fraud
    by using statistical comparisons of consumption per household to alert field operators at the customer’s premises
  • Preventing remote reading
    All meter readings not taken at the client’s premise shall be detected by comparing the registered GPS coordinates of the meter and pictures
  • Customer communication via SMS
    for information on planned repairs, outages, promotions, planned meter readings, marketing and sensitization campaigns
  • Customer service portal
    that is accessible via web or smartphone provides customers information on their previous meter readings, invoices, payments, consumption statistics as well as notifications on upcoming outages.
  • Improved service delivery to customers
    Access to up to date customer information enables improved customer service
  • Improved management capabilities
    based on real time statistics and reports on field operator performance, consumer patterns and performance, overdue billing etc. well as notifications on upcoming outages.