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mobile agent banking system


maviance Mobile Agent Banking System is a complete remote collection solution that uses the flexibility and availability of mobile networks to provide field collectors with a full functionality needed to improve their productivity in the area of microfinance.

Branchless banking 

maviance Mobile Agent Banking System will help banks to push their financial inclusion, serve customers conveniently and improve operational efficiency. This application facilitates the rapid and cost-effective rollout of new branches, as well as launch of new products.

key features of the solution

  • Customer acquisition and account opening module
  • Loans module and management of customer payment plan
  • Deposit and savings accounts modules
  • Money transfer and bill payment module
  • Optionnal integration of mobile payment solution
  • Task and customer visits management
  • Customer notification by SMS or Email for account transaction or marketing campaign
  • Cash management and treasury support for transparency in cash flows
  • Cost effective implementation of network banking


  • Increased efficiency in operations: Less manual steps, no double entry, no lost documents, less errors, increased traceability
  • Increased financial transparency:Treasurers have real time data on the amount of money collected by each collector. Managers have information on daily transactions in the branch. The headquarters has full reports on the situation in each branch
  • Improved service delivery to customers: Access to current case information, SMS notifications, reminders & receipts build trust
  • Customer self-service: Extensions to the application allow for the introduction of new business models. Customer self service portals allow customers to view their information and even perform mobile payment transactions
  • Improved management capabilities Management based on real time statistics and performance information on branches, employees and customers
  • Extensible and customizable: A future proof solution that can be easily extended in the future to meet new business needs